WHS classes of the 1940s
Classmates who attended Welch High School in the 1940s convened at Pipestem State Park October 5-7, 2004.  Below and on the following web pages are some photos taken at the 2004 reunion.

Don Smith, class of 1944, very aptly put into words the feelings of our Forties Classmates,  "So, they moved Welch High School from the top of the hill to the top of the mountain and they even changed its name.   But we all know,  there will always be a Welch High School.  Those of us who were in Welch High School in the 1940’s, through the years,  have come to realize how fortunate we were to be “on the hill” as students, with an outstanding team of teachers who gave us the knowledge and skills we needed to cope with the years ahead.  Mr. Hollandsworth,  beloved “Pop” to everyone,  kept all of us in line without overdoing discipline.    And teachers such as Mahala Toney,  LaNelle Agee, Elizabeth Kailing, Kermit Grogran, Eva B. McCoy, Eva Marchitelli, Janice Vermillion, Vernon Callaway, and many, many others,  gave us an education that is our treasure today.  At the time we were at Welch High School, we were too young to realize how fortunate we were to be students there,  but with the wisdom of our years, we now appreciate the blessing of those school years and this wonderful experience of being together again sixty years later at this reunion. "

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Visiting began early Tuesday evening when some of the classmates attended dinner together at restaurants in the Pipestem area.  On Wednesday morning, classmates gathered for a delicious brunch and lots of catch-up chatter.  A few of the faces seen at the brunch:
Front - Sisters, Anna (Day) Gray, '45 and Irene (Day) Gregory, '43, ready to eat!
Next table - Doug, '47, and Joan Blackburn, Sam, '43, and Bonnie, '50, Gattuso
Next table - left-Jeanne (Stockner) Brunschwyler, '43; center, Mary Kate (Stockner), '46. and Dick St. Clair, '44; and right - Trudy (Dickson) Perdue, '47

Several from the class of '46, glad to be together again, feeling young.......

Front row, left to right: Penny Stafford, Valeria (Hatmaker) Simmons, Hattie (England) Allen, Mary Kate (Stockner) St.Clair, Alice Auciello, June (Shelor) Hathaway,  Ginny (Bolt) Loula, official reunion "Hugger,"Norman Farthing, & Phyllis (Shrewsbury) Hurd
Back row, left to right: Albert ("Babe") Ciampanella, Ben Hancock, John Borosky, The Parrish Twins, Betsy Vannoy & Nancy Venable

Cousins, cousins, everywhere:
Norman, Wanda, Anna, Paul, and Irene

Loving all of us as we loved her is Frances (Christie) Blair, '46, with John Borosky, '46, who swears he is now a farmer!

David Cooke, class of '45, and his wife, Joyce

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Thanks to Norm Farthing, class of '46, for sharing these pictures.
If you have reunion pictures to share, please contact Norm or Donnie Skuja

WHS Forties Reunion Committee

Reba Compton Bolt
Anna Day Gray
Bob McGovern
Albert Ciampanella, Chairman
Irene Day Gregory
Joe Orrison
Madeline Blevins Ciampanella
Phyllis Shrewsbury Hurd
Helen Snead Sine
Paul Day, Treasurer
Joann Poe Lewis
Betsy Parrish Vannoy

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