WHS Class of 1964

Photos from Welch Grade School
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Mrs. Armour's Third Grade Class
May Court 1955  -  "April Showers"

Front L-R:  Brenda Cherry, Bonnie Carmichael, Judy Christian.  Second Row:  Connie Collins, Sue Lambert, Linda Kish, Virginia Barley, Mary Francis Clifton, Jenny Bivens, Gayle Hall, Ronnie Collins.  Third Row:  Jane Gayle, Suzanne Lester, Evelyn Hearl, Sadie Katrozio, Betty Kay Kailing, Rita Campbell, and ? Chaffins.

Welch Elementary School - 1958
Mrs. Troy's Sixth Grade Class

Far left row front to back:  "Wrinky" Everett Shupe, Sadie Katrozio, Wilma Chapman, Pam Miller.  Second row:  Anita Roncella, Billy Marion, Connie Sue Tashe, Libby Shaffer, Judy Christian.  Third row:  Connie Collins, Joyce Baldwin, Ronnie Collins, Sandra Monroe, Evelyn Hearl, Frank Sexton.  Fourth row:  Eddie Henderson, Pat Farmer, Linda Kish, Gayle Hall, Herman "Smitty" Horton, Ronnie Harris.  Standing in back l-r:  Bobby Workman, Clyde Casey, Johnny Stump, Mrs. Armour, and Sue Lambert.

Class Photo

Top row:  Mr. Brown (Principal), Mrs. Troy, Ronnie Collins, Evelyn Hearl, Pat Farmer, Joyce Baldwin, Eddie Henderson and ??.  Second row:  Sue Lambert, Bobbie Workman, Connie Sue Tashe, Frank Sexton, Gayle Hall, and Billy Marion.  Third row:  Connie Collins, Darlene Campbell, Ronnie Harris, Johnnie May Workman, "Smitty" Horton, Judie Christian, Johnny Stump, and Sandra Monroe.  Fourth row:  Clyde Casey, Pam Miller, Anita Roncella, "Wrinky" Shupe, Libby Schaffer, and Linda Kish. 

Special thanks to Ronnie Collins  for sharing these photos with us.

If you  can help identify any of these people for whom we have no name shown,  please contact  Donnie Skuja

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